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2003 Mercruiser 5.7L sterndrive

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Okay, okay, fancy title for what is really a Chevy 350 small-block as a boat engine. Anyway, it's a 2003 Chevy 350, so basically any engine oil filter will work for that instead of the more expensive "marine" ones. But when I look for 350 V-8's in the Chevy 2003 line-up, I don't see any 5.7's. I see 5.3's and 5.9's.

Anybody know the Wix Oil Filter part number for this engine?
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i know this is late, but here is a cheaper "marine" filter
The difference is ganvanized vs. steel vs. stainless. There is a reason for the different "marine" prices. Usually it is about corrosion or sparks or quality.
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