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2003 cummins ECU swap????

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i am looking for someone on here that is going to trade in there 2003 cummins high output automatic truck, we want to swap my buddys ECU with you, his is the low 250 horse version and we was wondering since its the exact same ECU with pretty much a reprogrammer installed from the factory we are willing to give you some money plus his perfectly fine low output ECU, they wont be able to tell when you trade it in, what you guys say??? sound like a deal???, oh and will one from a 2004 automatic truck work???
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Umm, the 250HP isn't a CRD is it?

And there are about 9 computers that control the isn't just the one on the block. Even the dash has a computer that controls the engine to a point...I know this for a fact as I just had mine replaced.

well considering all cummins offered in 2003 were common rail then yes, its the low output version of the it.
The 2003s weren't all CRDs...unless it was a conversion, I looked at a 2nd gen "style" 24-valve in a 2003 3rd gen.

But regardless, I doubt changing computers will cause you anything but will reject the other...they all need to be "synchronized" if you was a PITA getting my dash cluster changed (it is also a body computer in the CTDs) for that reason.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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