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2000+ Hub bearing units

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Where the hell can I buy them? Napa says they dont have them, and I dont want one from Autozone with a {expletive}ty warranty. I need at least one if not 2 for my 2000 Ram 2500, and all places only list up to 99 for the 2500 trucks. I dont need the ABS as mine is not front wheel ABS. If you all know a part number, please enlighten me!

Also, I am trying to track down a front vibration. It only does it in 4wd and didnt do it last winter. I dont notice it unless under hard acceleration or over 55 mph. I know the u-joint on the yoke is ok, as I just replaced it when i did the clutch this summer. I dont know what the hell it is, d-shaft feels tight and nothing seems loose. U-joints seem ok, and like I said, it ONLY does it while in 4wd. Could it be the t-case? It was pulled apart this summer for a repair by the local dealer (long story) could they have put somthing back to gether wrong?
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The hub a$$emblies are the same from year to year. The only exception I know of is ABS or non... but the years are interchangeable.

For my '00 I just ordered 95 hubs since they are IDENTICLE... just the books aren't up to date.

If there is vibration in 4WD and you know the U Joints in the front axles are OK, then I would say pull yer front driveshaft and look at the U joints and especially the Double Cardan Joint. When they go it will vibrate. I had that up until I had my tranny rebuilt.. when we pullted the front driveshaft we found the source being a shot double cardan.

cost about $250 locally to get it rebuilt and balanced with a new double cardan.

Good luck !

Oh yeah.. and DO check yer t-case fluid.. inspect if for metal shavings. This could be a sign of a broken C-clip on the output shaft, however I doubt it cause it would do it in 2WD as well.
There are not the same. Knuckle design changed in 00, but I know the studs are different in 00. Dodge went to slip on rotors in 00.
The 94 up 1500's always had slip on rotors

Dealer is still the only placeto get them
ahhhhh !!!!

I forgot all about that change. OK.. so I am two and 0 stupid today.


Thanks V10 !
agreed, you have to buck up and spend about $450 for them at the dealer (for a pair)
Not the last time I checked. Computer said they could order them, but went to order them and I was told, nope we cant place the order due to they dont have the product yet. Its just in the computer for future stock
weird, i've got a hub for a 95 on my 01. It's got about 30K on it and I've had zero problems yet.

Edit: Nevermind....half-ton here.
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