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Can the security on a 1999 Chevy stepside cut off the pulse to the spyder injectors?
Bc it stays running when Im spraying gas in the intake. So its not killing the spark. Or fuel pump. Bc I jumped the fuel pump to stay on. And obviously not the spark bc it stays running with fuel being sprayed in it. And it stars up perfect every time. Till 4 seconds latter. Then just dies. Like you turn the key off kinda die. So only thing I can think of is the security crap on it. The immobilizer is killing the pulse signal to the injectors .
I never came across any threads that talk about it. So this is just a theory.
I received the truck for a job I did. And had mo keys. Of course I busted the key tumbler and got it to start. So im pretty sure its the security causing it. There's no security light on dash. So that part Idk.
So if thats the case of the security causing the injector pulse to stop. How can I bypass that.
And I image most if yall will say buy this or buy that. You have to understand. Im jobless abd vehicleless. And live in straight BFE country. Im so broke I cant even afford to pay attention. Lol. Any help on info on how I can bypass it from the wiring or taking apart the ecu and unsodering a chip or a jumper. What ever I would need to do.
Once I get this truck going. I can finally get life back in order and get a damn job. Lol.
I do thank you for taking the time to read this and helping me on this situation im going threw..
God bless
Charles Bravo
AlienVision. 👽
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