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14FF upgrade

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So I finally got my 14FF rear axel in and I was thinking about upgrading the axle shafts and the pinion yolk. Is that something that I really need to do with this axel if I only plan on running 35" Boggers? also if I should upgrade, what would be a good company to go with? And what should I upgrade?


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I wouldnt worry about the shafts. Takes a ton of tire/power to break one.
ya man if your just planning on running 35s dont worry about the axles and the yoke if youre really worried about breaking it and beaten the {expletive} out of you truck id use a 1410 yoke to run a 1410 u joint but some people think its over kill and say just to run a 1350 it all depends on what u wana do im running a 1410 when i put my one tons in and im gona be running 35s but thats till i get my 42s :naughty:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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