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Ok so I had this noise since I have owned the truck... since 1993 (went to manual then and np205)

Since I found a donor truck for the manual and all.. I just swapped my cab, bed and front clip onto this truck..... while driving I noticed that it had a groan to it.... if you let the clutch out.. it made a hard to describe noise... well didnt do it all the time.. only when on it hard....

so now just recently I changed my clutch..... took the tranny/xfer out... well I noticed a few things.. once I put it back in.. that groan can be heard more... and even more once in 4wd...

also noticed that there is no rubber part to the mount under the xfer bracket.... just the bolt through a washer then into the xfer brace and into the tranny......

so I happen to have a spair set of mounts..... well I took and put the rubber pieces under it correctly.... cant tell if it is it yet as I cannot go out at the moment....

may have finally fixed a noise I have had for 12 years!!!!!
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