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OK so my 1997 Suburban now has 162K miles on it, many of which were not easy on it. New problem has arisen, but it's intermittent and I only have an idea as to what it is.

Going around sweeping right turns the rear end feels like the right rear tire is the limited slip is engaging. I'm 99.9% sure that's what it is, as I can actually feel it releasing when straightened back out. Sometimes severe, I have to fight the steering wheel to maintain the corner, other times it's hardly noticeable. Recently put new synthetic fluid and the GM specific LSD additive, and it subsided for a while, then came back. Getting worse now.

Only happens around right turns, not at all to left. Only happens uphill while under load, not downhill while coasting.

Has anyone ever dealt with this? Thanks

a right turn is far more sharp than a left turn, the stock g80 unit usually engages when 1 wheel is turning roughly 100 rpm faster than the other side, its really should not be hitting that kind of difference in a turn like that unless you are spinning tires.

the g80 unit was a bad design to begin with, i would suspect yours is close to blowing up, there's a reason why the are called the governor bomb.
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