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04 2500 Hemi QC Shock Replacement Recomendations....

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Greetings dodge gurus.

I have decided to put a set of 315/70R17/D BFG All-terain TKO's and mount them on my stock rims. If my conversion figures are right those are equivilent to a 34.3X12.4x17 tire.

I also realize/been told that I will need to put in a set of 2" daystar spacers on the front coils to get the tires to fit and longer front shocks.

And that is where my question comes in.
Do you guys have any brand and/or model suggestions?

I a$$ume that I can replace the rear shocks with ones that are the same length as the stock ones and just get the front shocks 2 inches longer than stock. But I could be wrong.
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I bought the Rancho 9000X's from 4wheelcustoms and love them. I have all 4 at the middle setting (5) and the truck rides great. Would definetly recommend a set to anyone. :bigthumb:
I was tinking about going that way. Thanks for mentioning what setting you had them set to. Have you tried out any of the other ones.

Am I correct on the shock lengths then?
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