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'00 WJ

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i am going to purchase some 3" coils for my jeep. what else is necessary to add, anything? or can i keep everything else stock with just the 3" coils?
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I am not 100% sure about the WJ's but usually the suspension can be altered 3" on solid axle setups without having to modify any components.
No firsthand experience with the WJ's but I havn't seen a lot of kits for them ... mostly the ZJ's. The kits I have seen are 2" and under and do not include control arms. The pictures however show the wheels and axle pulled a bit close to the body. I'm affraid at 3" you would have to get at least lower control arms.

I'm affraid the axle and tires would just be pulled too close to the body w/o them ... someone feel free to correct me with firsthand experience tho.
Lower adj. control arms and adj. track bars and maybe quick discos would be the most important things needed.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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