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  1. Dodge 4x4
    Just wondering if anyone knows the correct size of bolts for a 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9 with the 46re transmission (bell housing)?
  2. Dodge 4x4
    I’m looking to put a nv4500 in my 1999 4x4 dodge durango sIt. currently has the 4 speed auto with od. It’s a 5.9 magnum just the like 1999 ram it’s coming from. Any tips tricks or advice would be appreciated.
  3. Chevy/GMC 4x4
    I had my 4l80e trans rebuilt becuase the truck would barely move in reverse and because it would not shift out of first. Well I put my rebuilt trans back in and reverse is fine now but the trans still will not shift out of first. Does anyone have suggestions on what to check or look at? I know...
  4. Dodge 4x4
    Quick rundown...front band strut fell off, put it back in, adjusted both bands-not to spec, next day no reverse. About a month later I adjusted bands to spec, had weak reverse for a couple days. Repeated that process a few months later. I recently ordered a rear band only to get it and realize...
1-4 of 4 Results