wiring on dual gas tanks for a 79 chevy...p.s sorry k5chris

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    haaa haa haa.. sorry k5chris im usin the factory tach setup.... :smash:

    sorry this is long and confusing but that is how i work

    my dual gas tanks used to work fine until one day the gas guage went from 1/2 tank to full and beyond. I switched tanks and that one worked so i figured the float went bad. then that tank did it too..... i took the wiring out from under the truck to check it out but got sidetracked and never got back to it......this is back in 1996 when my truck came off the road. now i am trying to get it to a driveability part and fix some of the stupid stuff.

    now i bought a 1979 k35 parts truck with dual tanks and i took the wiring out of it... but seems that guy had problems too but the gas guage worked. he took the switch out..... anyhow i took the wiring out....

    i know 1 wire goes to solenoid

    1 wire goes to 1 tank

    1 wire goes to other tank

    1 blue wire is cut and i dont know where it goes

    also i am using the dash guages from the parts truck due to seeing the gas guage working and saying 1/2 tank.... the guages from the parts truck has the factory tach and my truck has the big gas guage so i used the one with the factory tach.

    when i took out the one with the tach i looked at the gas guage and figured on the harness pin 18 and 7 were jumped with a pink wire and from 18 to the switch..... when i put that guage cluster in my truck i looked at my harness so i could move the wires and they already were ??????

    so this long story is asking 2 real questions...

    #1 what is the blue wire that runs near the tanks for?

    green goes to solenoid

    brown goes to one tank

    other brown goes to other tank

    (i put a knot to remember which one goes where)

    #2 when you replace a guage cluster that has the big gas guage with a guage cluster with the factory tach, what wires need to be moved to allow the gas guage to work.... or is it fine the way it is?

    thanks and sorry for all the confusion

    FaTEXASSK5 New Member

    blue wire goes to the back of the gauge dont it??? cuz when we redid the gauges and put all auto meter in the low chevy there was a blue wire that went to the back of fuel gauge.

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    :cuss: :fu: :321: :shoot: :twak: :kicknuts: :poke: :loser: :thumbsdown: :wall: :bluecry: :nono: :argue: :shock:

    hahaha, it's ok. :bigthumb:
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    im gonna check that tonight... :bigthumb:
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    aight i got farther... but been postin it on coloradok5.com....

    still no help from them...

    go here...


    someone please look at my pic... i think by cutting the pink wire and adding it to the switch worked for one tank... but im thinkin the blue may goto the battery? but if so why wouldnt they hook it into the fuse box? it is under the truck and really long.. as if went with all the other wires... i am wanting to get this fixed... i cant even sleep!!!!!
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    dont worry tach no worko.... startup truck and it pegs past 5g... and goes flyin around.. from 0-5g in no time.... hee hee.. well it is all wired and now all i need is a new gauge.... so at least i have everything else... :bigthumb:
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    I didn't think it would work but I didn't want to say anything. On a healthy tach the needle will usually rest at a 9 o'clock position when the ignition swith is off.

    I found this on via Google the other day, might help when you get ready to fix it, Tachman
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    thanks i just emailed him.. i do want to fix it now.....
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    GreyVenger - yeah seems that link is no longer vaild on my wiring...

    but a quick google got


    hopefully that worked...

    for me... the colors were different.. i can check later...

    i know i had a brown wire and a brown/white wire... they are the tanks and went to the top and bottom of the 3 prong side of the switch
    i think the center was 12v or to gauge
    then green was wire to activate the dual tank solenoid

    also in a single tank truck the gauge wire is brown or blue.. i forget... so when they added a second tank.... they cut the wire and put in another... so you will have a blue wire that turns to brown or visa versa... i forget.. but i can tell you later when i look at my truck...