where to get a mopar performance pcm

Discussion in 'Dodge 4x4' started by sabbath1994, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. sabbath1994

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    ok i've tried the search. where can i get the mopar performance pcm?? i cant seem to find it anywhere..
  2. 01RamOffroadster

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    My PCM went to crap a whil;e back and the dealer went through 8 before chrysler got them the right one. I looked into this and the dealer ship couldnt get a mopar pcm cause it was discontinued... other than that i dunno

  3. bajabomber87

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    why? havent you ever read here about them. just get a b&g flash on your computer you already own or on a cheap one from ebay. they have the highest gains hands down. search Silver's posts.
  4. Silver

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    You pretty much won't be able to find a Mopar PCM anywhere for some years. Not sure if yours is one or not, but 99-01 is basically not going to happen for anyone. You'll have to just watch e-bay for a used one, or on classifieds on forums like this. Some websites will still list them, but after you place the order, they'll tell you that they are no longer in stock.

    A custom flashed PCM is definitely far superior to the Mopar Performance PCM, but not sure again what can be done for your '94. Mine was on a '99, which is OBDII.
  5. chizzle1

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    I thought 94 & up was when OBD II started?

    Either way, B&G advertises tunes for 92 - 2003 Dodge trucks.

    I purchased a custom flash for mine, back when I did my modifications SCT wasn't even heard of, and don't get me started on Superchips, Hypertech, etc....for 3 days my truck undriveable while the PCM was getting flashed, but it was definitely worth it.

    No torque management equalled roasting the tires off the line and firmer shifting.

    The revised fuel, timing, and shift points helped overall performance as well.

    If you plan on installing any bolt-ons that change air flow (headers, larger 52-54mm throttle body, roller rockers, etc) to your vehicle I would get those done prior to the flash.
  6. Cody

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    OBD II was initiated in 96