when did camaro's have rear disc brakes?

Discussion in 'Chevy/GMC 4x4' started by K5Chris, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. K5Chris

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    i have disc's on my rear 10 bolt. and, i need to do a brake job. problem is, i don't know where the calipers are from. i think the previous owner said they came from a camaro, but i'm not sure. anyone know when camaro's had rear disc brakes? how else can i tell where they are from, to buy pads?
  2. v10sport

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    Well camaros had disc brakes in the rear for years. You could get the 4 wheel disc option in 69. Since its a 10 bolt it probably came from a 80's Camaro. I tried putting Camaro brakes on my Monte 10 bolt and the backing plate bolt pattern was different. Some camaros had an odd axle. My buddy busted on axle on his 91 and it was not a 10 bolt. My 85 camaro had disc and it was a 10 bolt. Also you could get the 1LE option which netted bigger brakes all around.

    Id say you should be able to get calipers from a 85 or 86.By the way are they aluminum??

    Ill post a pic my 1LE rotor compared to the stock rotor. make sure you dont but 1LE stuff.

  3. v10sport

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    Here is a pic. If you dont have aluminum calipers, the 85 camaro calipers will work
  4. K5Chris

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    i don't need calipers, i dont think. i havent inspected them yet. i just need pads, and i might need rotors, cause mine are pretty far gone. don't know if they can be resurfaced or not. thanks for the info. i might just bring the pads to the parts store, and see if i can match them up. i just wanted to have a sense as to what years to tell them to look up.
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    Ask them if they show any FLUX CAPACITORS for a 1985 DeLorean while your there too, it is lot of fun!!!!!

    Try and get them to look up a Water Pump for a Volkswagen Super Beetle...


  6. v10sport

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    yeah pull the pads off and start with a 85 or 86 z 28. I bet you get the right pads first time around