Went to Garth Brooks/Trisha yearwoods house today

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    Personally im not a big Country fan, but i do like the good stuff I.E. Garth Brooks, Alabama, Charlie Daniels.

    I work at a construction supply company here in Tulsa, we supply just about everything a person needs to build anything Commercial or Residential.

    Well today my boss came in and told me that he needed me to run 7 boxes of Special winged sheetrock screws out to a Ranch called the "Diamonds Seven" in Owasso, Oklahoma which is about 15 minutes from Tulsa.

    I noticed my boss was acting weird when he told me this, so i asked him "What the hell is the Diamonds Seven Ranch?" and he replied "ohhhh nothin just a Ranch that happens to be owned by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood".

    Realizing that this wasnt B.S. because i had seen a news report about Garth and Trisha moving to the Tulsa area a few days before.

    I proceed to load the screws up and head out to my destination, when i got to the ranch there was a huge electric gate with a call box, so i dial the numbers my boss gave me and talk to a lady that lets me in the gate, i drive up to her little booth (Yes he has a Gate Lady) she hands me a pass that says "Visitor" and she sends me on my way.

    Now let me just say that Garths Ranch is FRIGGIN HUGE atleast several thousand acres and its all completely gated in with 8 foot tall chainlink fence.

    Its quite a drive to get to his Mansion. As im driving along his private road i pass a few huge steel garage buildings that housed motorcycles and boats and classic cars etc,(I know this because one of the overheads happend to be opened and i could make out Bikes and Cars and stuff) I pass a soccer field that is complete with white stripes and perfectly manicured grass,(For his daughters i a$$ume) it even has bleachers, heck the ranch even has its own huge gas powered generators incase he ever loses electricity.

    As i round the corner on this dirt road i finally start to see a house, and the further i go around the corner i can truely see the size of this structure, and let me just say This is by far the biggest house ive ever seen in my life, and its built ontop of a huge hill overlooking all of his really nice property that includes the Osage Hills, which are pretty tall and covered thick with trees.

    When i pull up infront of his mansion there were construction workers on the outside of the house still finishing up there work on the stucko and exterior of the building, the house is a sort of a Spanish Villa looking thing complete with the Pottery shingles on the roof.

    I park my truck walk up the cement steps to his front door and im let in by another construction guy.

    As i enter the front doors i see two huge staircases

    that wind up to the second story, i walk inbetween them into Garths massive living room to see a large Triangular shaped wall of glass that allows him to overlook his pristine property.

    Now at this point the house is almost complete all it lacks now is some sheetrock here and there and some Tile or carpet flooring, and of course some paint and landscaping.

    So i walk up to the drywall guys that are up on a scissor lift about 25 or 30 feet in the air, and i yell up to em that i had there fasteners, the guys come down and follow me out to my truck and one of the guys says to me "Now you can say you stood in Garth brooks and Trisha Yearwoods living room" To which i said, "So have you seen the man?" They both look at eachother and laugh and say "Man you just missed him and trisha by about 30 minutes" slightly dissapointed i said "So whats he like?" they said "Man he's the most down to earth nice and approachable guy ive ever met" They said that he's constantly coming and going to check on the progress of the house, and that he is actually living on the Ranch in one of the many "Ranch Hand" Trailors(Manufactured Home) on the property until the house is finished.

    And they also told me something that i thought was kinda wierd, they said that Garths Ex-Wife also lives on the same Property quite a way east of garths mansion, but on the same property none the less.

    I had to ask the guys what kind of truck garth drove and they told me he has two Hummer H1's one is Blue and the other is Yellow. at that moment i had realized i had actually passed a blue H1 hummer on the highway that leads out to his property on several occasions.

    SO anyway like i said im not a big country guy, but i do have to say i like ol' Garth, and how many people can say theyve actually stood in the living room of the number one selling solo artist on the planet, hell the guy has sold more albums then the Beatles and Michael Jackson. Plus i give garth lots of credit for only using local guys to build his house, and choosing to stay in the state that he was born and raised in. And it was nice to find out that he was such a down to earth guy.

    Please feel free to share any Celebrity stories you have.
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    That's pretty sweet. I'm not a huge fan of the "new age country" but the old stuff kicks a$$. :bigthumb: and the same with metal and rock music. :fu:

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    I was at the last Garth Concert on SPI and it was freaking nuts. He played in the middle of a fkn storm. :bigthumb:
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    Very cool :bigthumb: I like the details you gave. Painted a good picture for us... :baby:
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    Cool story. I didn't know he and Trisha were hooking up for good. I knew he had supposedly had an affair with her many years ago and blah blah blah.

    Too bad you didn't take any pics, I would like to see Garth's compound!

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    I heard on the radio a few weeks ago that they were engaged.

    Cool story though.

    Brooks and Dunn go hunting at my aunt & uncles place. I actually went hunting with them when I was younger, back before they were famous.
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    i was out side his gate at his house in Nashville a while back, friend and I were making the rounds of stars houses, and he just happend to drive out while we where there, waved at us from his 4dr Black Chevy Duelly he was driving.

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    :bs: :worthless: :flipoff:
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    i dont care for hillbilly music, but thats a cool story :bigthumb:
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    Ya it's deffinately a compound . If i go back out that way i will get some pics, although i dont know how the ranch hands would feel about that.

    And yep him and Trisha Yearwood are engaged now.
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    Pretty sweet, good description.

    George Strait's beach house is catercorner 2 houses down to our beach house in Rockport. It's not as grand as Garth's house sounds, but it's definitely cool. I'll take a pic next time I'm there this summer. It's actually a former Dallas Cowboy's old house that Strait remodeled. I see him cruising around in his black duramax dually every now and then and sometimes I see him having a beer on the back porch of the HEB CEOs house right down the road when I'm driving by in the boat. I usually don't like any other country than Texas country, but I listened to George when I was little so he's still one of my favorite country artists.
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    I have been in the Virginia Governor's mansion on several occasions and met several governors! I don't like music or movie stars at all...but I love going to government officals "cribs". :cool::

    I would love to have a large place like what you described of G. Brooks. I could dig a mud pit off at some far corner and not detract from the beauty of the place. I could have a rockpile and plenty of rooms so that people could stay over if they needed to, etc. :bigthumb: