Water pump, now squealing belt

Discussion in 'Dodge 4x4' started by Czcrd, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Hello again everyone.
    Long story short, my water pump was shot, leaking antifreeze through the shaft and bearings I guess, which I confirmed with removing the belt and moving the fan up and down and there was a quite a bit of play.

    Replaced the pump with a new one and the thermostat with a 180 degree one. Everything went well back together... almost

    I got it all back up cranked it up and was fine, no problem, but then there was some bad squealing, which i thought was the belt, but it scared me so I killed it, restarted it and still squealed, but when I gave it gas it went away. After a while it started squealing on idle and higher RPMs also. After being driven and attracting lots of attention by everyone cause it was fairly loud it idles quietly, but as soon as the RPMs go up to about 1200 there is a squeal. I know it's the belt since the pump turns freely and it seems to be getting lil better while driven, and the truck doesn't overheat and doesn't leak antifreeze anymore, but...

    I have read that the harmonic balancer could be causing this, and I do have some vibration on the Crank Pulley (I can see it move up and down a little while running) . There is no real vibration in the cab nor does the engine vibrate or shake significantly. Could this be the problem since the old pump vibrated with the crank pulley before so it didn't squeal.

    I will also double check my Idler pulley since I removed it during the process, but it appears to be turning freely.

    Also before when I started the engine the fan spun but almost immediately picked up to high speed, you could hear the "propeller" spin up louder, it does not do that now. Did I mess up the clutch on the fan? I stored it with the nut in the up position, but I had some hard time getting the fan loose on the old pump (ended up pulling the entire assembly out and taking it to a store to have removed) so it sat with the pump attached overnight, but I made sure that the blades wouldn't bend.

    Anyone with some experience on squealing after water pump or harmonic balancers and such please do not hesitate to enlighten me, I am all ears, well perhaps some eyes too :)

    Thank you very much[hr]
    Also forgot to add...

    1997 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport
    5.2L V8
    116xxx miles
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    sounds like you got antifreeze on the belt. buy a new one and clean all your pulleys before you put it on

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    Could it be as simple as the belt tensioner ? Same scenario with my truck. That's what mine was , it wasn't springing back and forth , kinda partially seized.