Turbo 400 Tailshaft?

Discussion in 'Chevy/GMC 4x4' started by Sasquatch316, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. Sasquatch316

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    Recently picked up a turbo 400 from a guy I work with, he said it was in a 4x4 when it was pulled. I already had a 400 that had been rebuilt for a cadillac that someone had put a chevy tailshaft in to run a bolt on yolk for a divorced transfer case or something, so I planned to just swap the guts out but keep the 4x4 tailshaft. Well after pulling them both apart, I found that both tailshafts are exactly the same. They're 32 spline and have a threaded hole in the center to hold the yolk on with a bolt. My question is weather or not this tail shaft will work to bolt up the the np205 transfer case I have coming, to tell I'm guessing you need the length measurements? If so where to I measure from? Thanks in advance, and sorry if this is a repost from hell...
  2. droz

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    not 100 percent sure but u might need an adapter

    i have a 32 spline TH400 output shaft but its mated to a 203 transfercase

    good luck with it though