Torque Specs Dana 44 (10 bolt similar)

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    Some Good Info on Dana 44 torque Specs

    Ring-Gear bolts- 60 (lb-ft)

    Bearing-cap bolts- 60 (lb-ft)

    Diffrential cover bolts- 20 (lb-ft)

    Front wheel-bearing lock (outer) nut- 160 (lb-ft)

    Spindle to knuckle nuts- 65 (lb-ft)

    Lower ball-joint nut (first pass)- 30 (lb-ft)

    Lower ball-joint nut (second pass after upper

    is torqued) -70 (lb-ft)

    Upper ball-joint nut- 100 (lb-ft)

    Adjusting ring-to-end forging

    (upper ball joint) - 50 (lb-ft)

    Steering arm to knuckle arm nuts- 90 (lb-ft)

    U-bolts to axle- 150 (lb-ft)

    Wheel lugnuts- steel wheel 88 (lb-ft), aluminum- 100(lb-ft)

    Hope these helps guys put there Dana 44's and 10 bolts back togeither. :bigthumb: