symptoms of bad main rear seal

Discussion in 'Dodge 4x4' started by Spawn_X, Nov 9, 2003.

  1. Spawn_X

    Spawn_X New Member

    i'm getting oil and it looks like its coming from there but not sure... the oil leaks down to the oil pan drain bolt and kind of sits there with resedue on the tranny and what not.

  2. JasonB

    JasonB Administrator Staff Member

    clean it up real well under there and take some more time to trace teh leak. check it everyday or two to see where its coming from.

  3. 1988yj

    1988yj New Member

    Oil leaks can be tricky... Make sure it's not coming from the top end, not sure what engine you have, or oil pan. Those are easy to fix. Sometimes you can change the rear main with the engine still in place by slightly lowering the crank and tapping it out then use a chinese finger to pull a new seal in the top. I picked up a rear seal removal kit a few years back and did that with a V8. Leak is gone.

    Here's a link to the concept... I got mine at a local NAPA
  4. Rammin4x4

    Rammin4x4 New Member

    If that rear main seal is leaking you should have like a mist of oil all over your bell housing and the bottom of the transmission. By the time it starts to drip its been leakin for awhile.
  5. JasonB

    JasonB Administrator Staff Member

    you should check the valve covers, oil sending unit ,etc.

    replacement is in the Tech section
  6. Madd Ramm

    Madd Ramm New Member


    I am curious as to what motor you have in your YJ that would create the need to loosen the crank or pull the motor out (as inferenced by your statment about leaving it in). If you have the 4.0L or pretty much any other motor, then you been doing a lot of extra work.
  7. Johndas

    Johndas New Member

    i had those symptoms when my rear seal went out. there was just a wet trail of oil down the pan and a small drop by the plug. i got mine fixed under warranty so i never even looked around under there. i just took it in.
  8. Bunkins

    Bunkins New Member

    If it looks like it's dripping down the bolt..... Check and make sure the bolt is snug ( all the bolts holding the oil pan ).... Not too tight, just like valve cover gaskets, get um to tight and it compresses the gasket to much and it will leak.... Like others have said, check the top end of the engine... Reach back there and feel for grease......