Solid axle on z71??

Discussion in 'Newbie Tech' started by Chevyman_z71, Oct 28, 2008.

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    okay. Ive been thinkin about puttin a solid axle on my '95 z71. I have a few questions about doin much would it cost? what kind of axle should i get? what all kinds of parts and tools would i need?


  2. outalne94z71

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    search, there are many sas chevy trucks here

    cost is determined on the type of wheeling you do

    a dana 60 swap will be way more than a dana 44 swap, but if you go no bigger than a 44 inch tire or a minimum of a 35 inch tire it would be the way to go

    a dana 44 can hold up on your truck with a 35-38" tire even 40's have been run without breaking in the mud, but mud varies from place to place so your result may vary

    i have $3000 just in my dana 60 under mine but it can be done for far less

    you can figure $1000 for a 77.5-79 ford dana 60 axle,$400 for springs, a track bar and drag link will cost about $300 in material, the crossover arm is another $50-100

    that leaves you with the front drive shaft, spring hangers, shocks and brake hoses, just for the front end

    if you use spring hangers from ord then you are looking at $700, if you use stock gm hangers like i did then it can cost close to free if you can find someone cutting up a 70's-80's chevy 4wd

    the exhaust is another issue, your y-pipe will be in the way for the front drive shaft and will need to be modified

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    i would also suggest saving money to build the 4l60e you have that will fail after the extra stress of the larger tires