Shocks: BDS vs. Skyjacker vs. Rancho vs. Trailmaster

Discussion in 'Dodge 4x4' started by RamSport59, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. RamSport59

    RamSport59 Well-Known Member

    It's time for shocks, I've had Trailmaster SSV shocks on my old jeep and they were really stiff. I rode in a Ram with BDS shocks today and It feels like a cadiallac ride(a little bouncey in the front). No experince with Rancho or Skyjacker. What Do You All Have And Reccomend?

    I'm thinking of Skyjacker Hydro's. But I rather have opinions.


    BDS $140

    Rancho $150

    Skyjacker $130

    Trailmaster $160

    Thanks Alot

    Rick Collins

  2. Biginuf

    Biginuf New Member

    Ive had Rancho's 5's and 9's, they were both nice, the 5's a little stiff, and I had the Skyjackers all the way around but now only on the rear, they are good, but not as good as the BDS I have on the front currently. If that price you listed for Ranch were 9000's id get the ranchos, but looks like that is a 5000 or RSX price, so Id get BDS shocks. Also the exterior of the BDS shock has seemed to hold up better than all others ive had.

  3. Punkineater

    Punkineater New Member

    I love my RS9000's, but like Big says the exterior finish sucks and they start to rust quick. However, I think my next shocks will be a set of rebuildables. Maybe Fox or Sway Away and I'll go with custom valving. That's down the road a piece so for now I say Rancho's, but get the finish powdercoated.
  4. Biginuf

    Biginuf New Member

    I tried the powder coating deal, but the guy says that as the shock is baking in the oven at 300 degrees it will explode or the seals go, so I dont think they can be powder coated. If money was no object the rancho 9000's are easily the best, after considering price, ride quality and finish, im thinking the BDS are a happy medium. Id still donate a shock just to watch it explode inside this guys giant oven. :D:
  5. Simms

    Simms New Member

    Here is my two cents on shocks. I'll be very short and to the point.

    When I had a 2" lift (spacers), the Trailmaster SSV's rode very nice. However, I tried SSV's with my Fabtech kit and they sucked. Felt like a stone wagon.

    My Fabtech shocks rode like a dream with the Fabtech kit. But that is the only experience I have with them.

    Like Big said, I have heard a lot of good things about the BDS shocks.

    Rancho, I have no idea. I have heard some people say that they liked their Skyjackers, and even the Cepek shocks.

    My favorite, the Bilstein 7100 series I have on now. The ride is tits. Relisticaly, they are expensive, and I don't know how much they are even worth getting for a truck that wheels a lot. I could see a prerunner or something.
  6. HotChiliRam

    HotChiliRam Well-Known Member

    I say go for Rancho's 9000, I have Cepeks and they are really stiff, About BDS and Trailmaster I have no Idea.
  7. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    I think the Rancho 5000s are too stiff. I have the 9000s now and like them. There are a couple of adjustable shock out there now. I would say any adjustable shock would be a good choice. But on this site Rancho has a better reputation.
  8. RamSport59

    RamSport59 Well-Known Member

    Ok, its a toss up between BDS and Rancho....Maybe I'll order a Front set of BDS and ride them for a week and see how they are, and if I don't like them, turn around and sell them.

  9. JeepinBlue

    JeepinBlue New Member

    I believe that BDS is the only manufacturer hat makes shocks vehicle specific. They are not like rancho and the others that just measure length. They also account for the type of vehicle that they are going on.
  10. Codeman

    Codeman New Member

    Well I didn't know much about BDS so I did a little research and found an interesting fact about them!

    "After doing some research, we found a well respected manufacturer called BDS (formally Big Dicks Suspension)." :silly:
  11. BMD

    BMD New Member

    Had ranchos 5's and they rode well, but rusted after a year. I blew a seal on them, and went to skyjacker nitro. They seem pretty good, and after a year the finish is still rust free.

    SUPER RAM New Member

    I just bought some Rancho 9012's for the front of my truck. I'm going to spray them with clear before I install them and see if that helps with the rust problem
  13. Cracker

    Cracker New Member

    I sprayed my Cepek 77s with clear and so far no rust, but then again I live in CA. The ride is decent and I did dent my right rear sometime so their exterior might not be too strong.