removing fuel line from fuel rail. 5.9

Discussion in 'Dodge 4x4' started by Crawford, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Crawford

    Crawford New Member

    service manual says to use some magical plastic clip to allow you to remove the fitting on the fuel rail. trying to keep the fuel rail/injectors on when i do the plenum repair today.

    any other way to remove it? (I searched through 20 pages so can't fault me for askin)
  2. Cody

    Cody New Member

    go buy the little plastic tool from the parts store they aren't that expensive

  3. Silver

    Silver New Member

    When I did my plenum, I couldn't get the disconnect to work, so I just left my fuel rails intact, and just pulled them straight up to removed the injectors from the intake manifold. I then just zip tied the entire fuel rail assembly out of the way. Had plenty of space to do the plenum job, and didn't have to mess with disconnecting the fuel line. If I ever have to do that again for any reason, i'd do this same thing because it was so easy.

    I still removed the fuel relay from the fuse block, and ran the truck till it died before I did any of this so I was certain there wasn't any fuel at the injectors.
  4. dodgethis12

    dodgethis12 New Member

    You need a fuel line disconnect tool.. You have to wiggle it up in the connector and kind of work it around while you tug on the line. It will come off... Sometimes they are kind of stubborn. TOok me about 5 mins yesterday to get one off of a 99.