Overturn The "Motorized Ban" On Waldo Lake!

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    Overturn The "Motorized Ban" On Waldo Lake!

    <fb:share-button href="http://www.sharetrails.org/alerts/2012/03/28/overturn-the-motorized--ban-on-waldo-lake" type ="button_count" ></fb:share-button><p style="display: none;">Two years ago, motors were banned on Waldo Lake in Lane County, Oregon. This was another move by environmental extremists to deny motorized use on public land managed by the government. Their strategy is to move the "no access" lines incrementally. Whether it's banning motors on Waldo Lake or motorized vehicles in public forests, the goal is the same: to deny public use. But we have a chance to amend or overturn the motor ban on Waldo Lake. The Oregon State Marine Board is redoing its rulem</p>
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