New Trailer Hitch Insert Law Illinois?

Discussion in 'The Brothel' started by 00DodgeGuy, May 9, 2010.

  1. 00DodgeGuy

    00DodgeGuy Well-Known Member

    I keep hearing rumblings that there is a new law in Illinois that prohibits having an insert(ball) in your hitch if you are not towing anything? Does anyone have any information on this....maybe Adealac will chime in?
  2. JasonB

    JasonB Administrator Staff Member

    simple google search

    but so far it looks like its still a bill and not law

  3. outalne94z71

    outalne94z71 Well-Known Member

    it should not be left in anyway or the tongue will rust itself into the receiver and it will never come out then if you need to swap to a different tongue.
  4. 00DodgeGuy

    00DodgeGuy Well-Known Member

    Boss....I did search and all I could come up with was the same thing that you found....but I am hearing of people that are getting tickets for this...nothing first hand though.

    As far as leaving it in....I don't always have it in but I do leave it in occasionally.
  5. RamAford

    RamAford Well-Known Member

    Thats a dumb law. I leave my drop hitch in all the time, i cant tell ya how many idiots would have hit my bumper pulling up so close in parking lots.
  6. Mikeg1005

    Mikeg1005 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like another horrible law in IL that will just cost the state more in useless court visits since you will be able to argue this to no extent...

    I was going/leaving/getting/did it yesterday/getting ready for tomorrow/ to pull a trailer... pretty sure cops won't stop people for this though, seems like a waste of time.

  7. joker291977

    joker291977 New Member

    there trying to do that in pa to but it is still a bill, quick story about me leaving mine on was parked in a parking lot came out of store to find a guy a cop and ems there behind my truck, here the dumb ass hit his leg off my receiver and split his leg open the guy said he was going to sue me , i looked at him and said why he said that is a danger i asked him and the cop why was he so close to the back of my truck is there something in the bed he wanted, the cop laughed and the guy just shut up and nothing was ever done about it. but i will tell you one thing i have hit that thing while it was in and damn that thing hurts like heLL
  8. smokiejokie

    smokiejokie Guest

    I totally agree with your viewpoint on what a hazard those damn hitches are. I was driving my Prius and texting my bff -lol and when I looked back up, there was this big, smoking jacked up GMC Sierra with one of those big balls on the back stopped at a red light. I thought WTF!? as I planted both feet on the brakes and WHAM, totally ruined the front of my 50mpg Prius AGAIN. That's the third time in 4 months now, and it's all because of those A$$holes who have to drive big jacked up trucks and tow crap behind them. If that weren't bad enough, it has ruined the aerodynamic design of my Prius and now I only get 47.24 mpg. Is there someone I can text to help me sue this redneck?:withstupid:
  9. Tango

    Tango Well-Known Member


    I think people who think up stupid laws like that, and then use up the peoples tax dollars for thier salary, plus everyone else's salary for all the time it takes to promote it, file it. document it and then get voted on and vetoed should get fired.

    Start to finish that is probably huge $$
  10. cmpx3

    cmpx3 New Member

    Wow, amazing what polititions will say thier doing to keep the public "safe", when all they are truly doing is generating revenue.:bad:
  11. ToughBowtieTruck

    ToughBowtieTruck Well-Known Member

    Come up to Michigan, we don't have that law, and can use the population growth. :bigthumb:
  12. Olbluesilverado

    Olbluesilverado New Member

    I work for a Dodge dealer. We sell a lot of Ram trucks with optional towing packages (they come with a frame hitch, tongue & ball). Most customers never remove the tongue & ball and I have yet to hear someone come back and complain about getting a ticket.

    Not to say you can't get a ticket for leaving the tongue in the receiver, I just doubt that the local law really enforces it. I can imagine that if you were pulled over for speeding and you acted like a total jag to the officer, then they would probably look for something like that to add on to your fine just to return the favor.