Need Help with code P1757

Discussion in 'Dodge 4x4' started by JackedUp, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. JackedUp

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    On the way to work this morning, truck throw the code p1757. Looked it up in my obd and it said gov. pressure sensor/solenid not on target 15-20 psi.

    I searched on here but got nothing, I put the code in on google and got one response on durangos but that lead me no where either.

    Anybody have experience with this code? Is this sensor/solenid internal or external? And can I replace it myself? For awhile now Ive known I have a torque convertor problem but no codes appeared. 2nd and 3rd slip occasionally and can't the tranny can't decide which gear it wants to use. I figured it was time for a rebuild or junkyard tranny to hold me over. Could this sensor/solenid be causing those problems?

    any help would be greatly appreaciated.
  2. UrbanRedneck

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    THe soilenoid is on the bottom of the valve body, so you need to remove the trans an to get to it. There are some other problems that can cause this code as well (besides a bad solenoid) however.

  3. DodgeitRamit

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    I would say possibly 3 different things off the top of my head. My trans started slipping and I replace the gov press and the switch, along with a TPS. The TPS could also be bad and sending the wrong Voltage signals to the trans causign pressure to be wrong
  4. FlyNhigh

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    I had to replace this part a couple months ago. If I remember right, it controls your torque converter locking in and out. The only place to get it is the dealershit and it costs about $100.
  5. "Highlander"

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    RE: Code P1757

    I have the same code, checked the code book at a transmission shop. It says pressure selniod or pressure regulator switch inop or possible low fluid, or mech. failture... Dodge has a rebuilt kit for their pressure selnoid which is crap, they now are using a GM pressure selnoid and switch for the Dodge 48RE tranny. they have a complete rebuilt kit that includes both the switch and selnoid.