Kobalt Tools Lifetime Warrenty?

Discussion in 'Tool and Shop Talk' started by Hometheaterman, May 15, 2007.

  1. Hometheaterman

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    I just bought a Kobalt breaker bar from Lowes. I needed a breaker bar and went to Sears and didn't really like the Craftsman one they had and wasn't sure how the quality of the Companion or whatever brand they sell thats also their own brand was. It was only $12 so I almost bought it but decided to go check at Lowes too. Well they had a Kobalt for $25 that I liked so I got that. I was thinking the only nice thing about Sears was the lifetime warrenty. I've had a few Kobalt tools but not many but have been happy with what I have had. Well I noticed when I got home it said on the package Hassle Free Lifetime Warrenty. I hadn't paid attention to this in the store so I got to wondering. Will Lowes just exchange it for you or do you send it off or how does it work? I just wondered if anyone had to exchange a Kobalt tool and how it worked.
  2. Tani1500

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    not trying to jack your thread but does anyone know how the works with home depot and huskey tools?

  3. Hometheaterman

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    I'd be curious to know for those too.
  4. outalne94z71

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    kobalt tools are a division of snap-on, its the newest venture for them into lower priced tools for the average person
  5. TLane

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    Kobalt used to be made by Snap-On a few years ago. Since then they've dropped them. They were made better then than now. Snap-On continues to carry Blue-Point as its lower grade tool line.
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    This should not be in the brothel, there is a specific forum just for Tools. Please post in the proper forums.

    As for the warranty, did the breaker bar come with a warranty card? What did it say if so? If not call or stop by Lowe's and ask one of the people who work in the tool department.

  7. Biginuf

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    For awhile Home Depot (sponsor of Tony Stewart driver of the #20 car), would take a craftsman tool and give you a husky replacement. It was at least a year or 2 ago prolly more, I think they were trying to get their name out there.
  8. hamr26

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    About 7 years ago I worked for an auto dealer chain inspecting/repairing cars for retail sales. The work I did there was your basic driveway repairs (bolt ons), but did it all day, everyday. I broke a 3/8 long handle Kobalt twice in 12 months. They replaced it without much trouble, but I didn't want to keep 2 ratchets in my box for WHEN it broke again. I bought a Snap On and will probably have it until I die.

    Craftsman tools and their equivalents are good for the average guy who doesn't use them frequently, anyone earning a living out of a toolbox usually needs some of their tools to be a little better. As much as the members here repair their own stuff, I think their tool needs are somewhere in-between the retail stores and the tool trucks.
  9. skirk55

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    I just purchased some Kobalt tools and I noticed CHINA printed on them! This has been the only thing I don't like about Kobalt tools.I hope they don't expose me to lead or something.
  10. CustomFabbedK10

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    yeah i've got quite a bit of money invested into MAC tools and there is a diffrence. The gears in the heads are alot thicker and the handles dont flex near as much. i know it seems stupid to pay 450$ for a 3/8 and shallow and deepwell americans but there worth every penny IMO.