Everybody Chime in-What tire/lift combo do you run?

Discussion in 'Newbie Tech' started by greenhornet1986, Apr 19, 2005.

  1. greenhornet1986

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    After talking to Mr. Joe about this topic and also looking at the way the Ram Charger Central set their forum up like this, I felt as if us newbies needed a place so that we can look and see what tire/lift/wheel combo everybody is running, to decide whether or not you want yours to look the same. Also, this should cut down on some of the normal questions, such as "What size tire can I run with such-and-such a lift". Here are the things I need you to answer for me:

    1. Truck info-Year, Model, Make, Long/Short Bed, Crew/Extended/Regular Cab. Also 4wd or 2wd.

    2. What axles are you running, and what are the gear ratios. Don't just post up "stock", tell everybody what they are. Also, any lockers or limited slips or welded rears?

    3. Lift size. Who made it, or did you piece it together. Did you have to do any :hack: .

    4. What size tires you are running, and the make. Don't say 35" TSL's, because we do not know the width. Be SPECIFIC.

    5. Rim make/size/and backspacing.

    6. What kind of off-roading do you do? Is it mud, rocks, pavement, trails, everything, or what?

    And, if you want to, post up a link to your cardomain page, and 1 pic if you want to.

    Also, NO COMMENTS ABOUT SOMEBODY'S TRUCK, this is a post to say what kind of tires/lift/wheels are you running for the newbies.

    And YES, you could go to the rides and look, but this would help the newbies out to figure out what combo of lift/tires they want to run.

  2. greenhornet1986

    greenhornet1986 New Member

    Thanks for moving it, I thought I was in Noob :rotfl: .

    For my truck:

    1. 1997 Dodge Ram 1500, Regular Cab Short Bed

    2. Dana 44 front, Chrysler 9.25" rear, 3.55 gears(although I think they have been swapped out for 3.90's, and a Detroit in the rear.

    3. No lift-stock height

    4. 265/75R16 Dunlop A/t's

    5. Stock 16X7" rims, not sure about backspacing

    6. Mostly street, a little bit of mud, and that is it until I get some lift and some bigger tires.

    My cardomain page: http://www.cardomain.com/id/greenhornet1986

  3. Mr Joe

    Mr Joe New Member

    1. Truck info- '99 Ram 1500 Quad 4x4

    2. D44 Front, 4.56 and 9.25 Rear Detroit Locker 4.56

    3. Lift size. 4" Trail Master DT60

    4. 35x12.50x15 BFG KM or 33x12.50x15 BFG KO

    5. 15x10 A/E 059 w/3.625 BS when running the 33's. 15x8 Eaton Rock Crawlers w/4" BS for the 35's.

    6. I run a little of all terrains...

    See Cardomain link at the bottom :baby:
  4. Mr Joe

    Mr Joe New Member

    1. Truck info '01 Kia Sportage EX 4 Door

    2. I don't recall the gear ratio's

    3. Lift size - 2.5" Eibach Spring lift

    4. 30x9.50x15, BFG KO's

    5. Factory Rims...BS unknown

    6. Mostly street, but has run Uwarrie :bigthumb:

  5. ThatGuy

    ThatGuy New Member

    1. 1991 S-10 blazer 4 door

    2. 10 bolt IFS front, 7.625 10 bolt rear 4.10 gears

    3. 3in body lift 2 in. t-bar crank minor trimming

    4. 31x10.50x15 BFG All-Terrain

    5. 15x8 KMC talons 3.75" backspacing

    6. Sitting there rotting in the driveway, but used to see lots of mud and daily street use

    will post the dodge's specs when I buy the new tires

    BIGGER New Member


    2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport, Quad-Cab, Short Bed, 4X4


    Dana 44 w/ 3.55's (front)

    Chrysler 9.25 w/3.55's (rear)


    Front Lift - Diesel 4.5" SkyJacker (8" on 1500)

    Rear Lift - Homemade Shackle Flip (5"), tapered 2" blocks.

    Body Lift - 3" Performance Accessories Body Lift


    Tires - 36X14.50X15 SuperSwamper TSL Radials


    Wheels - 15X10 w/3.75" BS US Wheels Chrome Mods


    Off-roading - Mainly Pavement, Rocks, Trails, Mud. Little of everything, try to avoid the water.

  7. Hometheaterman

    Hometheaterman Well-Known Member

    1.2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab Short Bed Offroad Edition so 4x4.

    2. I really don't know.

    3.Skyjacker 3" Suspension lift

    4.305/70/16 BFG Mud Terrains

    5. Eagle Alloy 16" rims I am pretty sure 16X10 and others from looking at pictures also said it looked like 16X10 but I'm not positive and I don't know the backspacing.

    6. Mud and Snow and some trails and fields and stuff.
  8. T R A V I S

    T R A V I S New Member

    1999 Dodge 2500 4x4 Ex Cab Long Bed

    Dana 60 Front 3.54's open

    Dana 80 Rear 3.54's Limited Slip

    4.5 inch skyjacker kit with 2 inch daystars

    37x12.50 SSR's on 16.5x9.75's
  9. ugotdubbz

    ugotdubbz New Member

    1. 1985 Chevy K10 LWB, STD CAB, 4x4

    2. Dana 60 5.13 gears/Spool 14FF 5.13 gears/Detroit

    3. 8" suspension and 3"body Brand???

    4. 18/39.5R16.5 TSL Boggers

    5. Mickey Thompson Classic II's 16.5x12 std offset?

    6. Mostly mud and mild trail duty. also pavement
  10. Mr Joe

    Mr Joe New Member

    1. '73 Ford Bronco Sport

    2. Rear - 35 spline 9", Yukon shafts, Detroit locker, 4.88's.. Front - D44, Yukon shafts, Detroit Electrac, 4.88's

    3. Lift size. 2" Body Lift, 3.5" suspension...BC Coils, Deaver Leaves, Duff Long Arms. Massive fender trimming.

    4. 37x12.50x17 BFG KM's

    5. Weld Stone Crushers, 17x10 w/3.5" BS.

    6. Very little pavement. Mostly rocks and mud..

  11. Aziraphale

    Aziraphale New Member

    1. 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4 door. 4x4.

    2. Dana 30 front, Dana 35c Rear, both open with stock 3.55 or 3.73 gears (can't remember which)

    3. 4.5" Rusty's offroad lift. No fender cutting done. I do rub however and will probably have to cut sometime.

    4. 32x11.50x15 BFG AT KO's

    5. Can't remember exact brand (Crager maybe) but they are Mickey Thompson Classic II style 15x8's. BS is approx 4".

    6. Mainly my daily driver but I do like a bit of mud or dirt trails with some rocks.

    Cardomain page: http://www.cardomain.com/id/aziraphale
  12. Dsertdog56

    Dsertdog56 Well-Known Member

    2000 Dodge 1500 QC

    Front lift... Off road springs, 3 inch rough country spacer and thier (longer) control arms. I also use the Rough Country track bar bracket, 9000 series gas shocks and a Lindstad track bar.

    Rear lift... Off road springs with a BDS add a leaf, Energy suspension urethane bushings (Chevy Part) and Pro Comp 3000 shocks.

    285/16 General AT tires on factory chrome rims.

    3:92s with a lock rite in the front and Trac lock aft.

    I should note that this lift netted me about 4 1/2 inches over the stock ram. :D:
  13. mikey in PA

    mikey in PA New Member

    1. 2002 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4, ext. cab, short bed, Z-71

    2. IFS 3.73 open front, 10-bolt 3.73 posi rear

    3. 6" Superlift suspension lift

    4. 305/75/16 == 33x12.5x16 BF Goodrich KO

    5. 16x8 American Racing Nitro, 4.5" backspacing

    6. Dirt and mud trails, some rocks, some sand, but no deep mud bogs. Most of the time on pavement or snow.
  14. 00DodgeGuy

    00DodgeGuy Well-Known Member

    1. 2000 Dodge Ram 1500, Short Bed, Extended Cab,4wd.

    2. Dana 44 Front - 4.56

    Chrysler 9 1/4 Rear - 4.546 - Detroit Locker

    3. SJ 5" Kit w/ SJ 7" Coils, SJ Adjustable Tracbar,

    Extreme Drop Pitman. 3" PA Body Lift.

    4. 37 x 12.5 x 15" SSR's

    5. Cragar Soft 8's, 15x10, 4" BS

    6. Daily Driver and weekend off-roader...nothing to

  15. croberts

    croberts New Member

    1. 95 Dodge ram 1500 4x4

    2. Dana 60 front 5:13 gears Locked

    14 bolt full floater 5:13 gears Locked disk brakes

    3. Dick Cepek Long arm front box kit

    Skyjacker 7" coil springs front

    Skyjacker 6" leaf packs in rear

    3" Body Lift

    4. Buckstop bumpers front and rear

    5. 35 Ground Hawgs

    6. 15x10 monster wheels

    7. Mainly off road rig Rocks and Mud.
  16. GOD RAM IT

    GOD RAM IT New Member

    1. 98 Dodge ram 1500 4x4 quad cab short bed.

    2. D44 fron, 9.25 rear. 4.56 gears and a detroit locker in the rear

    3. 7 inches of lift. 3" skyjacker suspension, with 5" control arms and relocation brackets, no other 5" parts needed. 3" body lift, 1-3/4" super lift coil bucket spacers. The rear has a 3" add a leaf

    4. 35x12.5 Maxxis buckshots

    5. Eagle alloy 143s 15x10 with 4" back spacing

    6. 70% road, 30% off road(rocks and mud)

    See my cardomain below
  17. tx_ram16

    tx_ram16 New Member

    1. Dodge Ram 1500 Single Cab Short Bed

    2. D44 and Chrysler 9.25, 3.55 gears

    3. 5" Skyjacker, 2" Daystar spacers, Shackle Flip,AAL in the rear(Total 7" all around

    4. 35x12.5x16 Maxxis Buckshot Mudders

    5. Rockcrawler black rims 16x8 (Not sure backspacing)

    6. All terrains
  18. cannoncrawler

    cannoncrawler New Member

    89 ramcharger 360 injected, auto, divorced 241 t-case

    I have a 4 inch rancho lift. with bushwacker cut outs yes it is trimmed a little!!!

    dana 44 front chrysler 9 1/4 rear. 3.73

    in both. open in front and welded in the rear.

    never broken anything yet.

    i like the gearing for the street, so I will keep it and drop a klune v and a rocktrac 4 to 1

    39.5/13/16 iroks on steel rims. 3 3/4 backspacing

    i drive in rocks mostly. the truck came with the fender cut outs, but i don't like them they look kewl but they grab every rock.
  19. EvilRam

    EvilRam New Member

    1. 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab Short bed

    2. Dana 44 3.55 open

    Chrysler 9.25 3.55 LS

    3. 2 1/2" Daystar Spacers, 3" PA Body lift

    -"modified" bed and front fenders

    4. 36/12.5/15 TSL Radials.

    5. American Eagle black steelies 15x8 4.5 BS I think

    6. rocks and trails which are generally rocky.

    no pics of the front, but of the rear

  20. mudpuppy

    mudpuppy New Member

    98 dodge ram 1500 quad cab

    dana 44 9.25 4.56 gears

    3in pa body lift

    7in bds,skyjacker,daystar susp.

    36 iroks (bias) 15-10 allied rockathon beadlocks 3.75 bs

    trails, mud, daily driver.