Dodge Ram Infinity Speaker Wiring

Discussion in 'All Other Tech' started by PnyPlr, Nov 9, 2005.

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    Does anyone have a wiring diagram (or know) for the Dodge Ram front door Infinity speakers which have the built-in amplifier?

    My '98 Ram 2500 has the Infinity sound system in it, with the A-piller speakers, front door speakers w/ amplifier, and back door speakers.

    The connectors for the front door speakers are different on the left and right doors. THe Left door has significanlty more wires to the connector, about 10 I think, and the right door speaker has 6.

    Does anyone know what signals go on what color wires? I thought I read somewhere that the amplifier in the FL door powers the speaker in the FR door? So I would guess that there must be both input and output lines in the FL connector?

    Any help would be appreciated!