Dana 60 and 70 axle tube size

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  1. v10sport

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    Went to a spring shop to get U bolts for the HP 60 and decided to get the ubolts for the flip for my Dana 70. Calipers were not big enough to get a measurement so the shop sent me out with a few U bolts they make. The 3.25" U bolts are too small and the 3.5" are too big. Are they metric sized tubes or what? I also measure the tubes on the HP 60. The tubes were 3.13" and 3.88" around. Shop said the axle tubes are 3.25" and the big end is 4" Test fit them on my 60 on the truck and they were a tight fit, got them home and are way too loose on the HP60. Guess Dodge uses bigger tubes than the Ford 60's :dunno:
  2. djgaston

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    On the 70, you can use 3.5 inch U bolts. That is what I ordered.

    If the caliper isn't big enough, just use a piece of string or something and then you can get the diameter by doing some math. I forget the formula. :dunno:

    But the 3.5 inch U bolts fit mine pretty good.

  3. v10sport

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    Is there any play in them? There was a bit with the U bolts they gave me
  4. WMIF

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    they will cinch up some when you tighten them also.[img=1x1]http://socalrecreation.com/modules/coppermine/albums/userpics/desert/normal_98.JPG[/img]
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    :withstupid: There is play when they are just loosely on there but they'll bend around the axle once you put some man power on them.
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    there not piston rings there u-bolts.... dont need a micrometer fit them :bigthumb: i use 3.5 inch u-bolts.... they fit fine dude, put your feeler gauge away!
  7. v10sport

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    I should have picked up the 3.5" U bolts then :wall:

    I quess Ill take another 40 minute drivetomarrow to pick them up