Cross over or high steer kit dodge HD

Discussion in 'Dodge 4x4' started by bismith11, May 30, 2005.

  1. bismith11

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    Any one ever hear of how to make a cross over steering or high steer kit for a dodge HD? 14" lift w/ 4" drop pitman arm....I think I need to brace the steering box too, the truck feels kinda sloppy...any ideas? :wall:
  2. djgaston

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    There is only one way to do it right.


    ThurenFab crossover steering, PSC hydro a$$ist steering, DSS steering brace, 7 inch Extreme drop pitman arm from Skyjacker, and get either a ThurenFab track bar or a DT Pro Fab track bar. I have a 13 inch suspension lift and a 3 inch body lift. You can probably look at what I have upgraded and get some ideas on how to make a big truck reliable.