Biggest tires on stock 2500 4x4?

Discussion in 'Dodge 4x4' started by nice2500, Feb 10, 2002.

  1. nice2500

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    I have a stock 98 2500 CC 4x4.My question is what is the biggest tire I can run without major rubbing?I would like to put 33's and if possible 35's.Any input appreciated.Also I have considered putting in daystar coil spacers.Any pros or cons?
  2. Biginuf

    Biginuf New Member

    33's will fit without rubbing. If you plan to flex the truck up with the 33's there may be some rubbing up front, 35's will work if you put a 3" spacer or 2.5" coils with new shocks on the front. it will probably level the truck out nicely also. You may need an extra leaf in the rear to get it dead elvel though.

  3. Rattlesnake

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    There is a stock 2500 that I see at least once a week with 35x12.50 pro comp mt's mounted on 8" rims. I've never seen the wheel turned completly, but I have seen it pulling in and out of parking spots. There is also a 1500 off-road (basicaly same height as a 2500) with 315/75's (35x12.50's)on 8" rims that I see a lot. I've talked to the guy a couple times and he talked like there was no rubbing.
  4. Foolish

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    Check out my setup it is a 2.5" Class II by skyjacker and I stuffed 35's under it. No rub on road but plenty off road. My pic is at in the gallery page 2 or 3.
  5. Outlaw Ram

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    Theres a guy in my town that drives a 3/4 ton dodge with 35" BFG's on 16x8's. Thats without any lift.