bad water pump= coolant leak

Discussion in 'Engine/Drivetrain/Suspension' started by King Nothing, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. King Nothing

    King Nothing Well-Known Member

    Never dealt with a bad water pump before. Would it cause a coolant leak off the engine block? i cant get up in there to tell exactly where uits leaking from
  2. bigcountry06

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    definitely man. I had a k5 blazer that leaked every bit of my coolant out in about 3 min. There is a hole on the water pump that they call an overflow hole. That is where it would leak from. Go to the store in a different vehicle and buy a thing that is called radiator stop leak. You could probably get it at oreilly's or autozone. Put the whole little tube in the radiator cap while the engine is cold. Then go and start the engine and the little metal flakes will fill the hole if that is what's wrong with it. Remember that this is only temporary and you need to get a new water pump as soon as possible. It worked for me so hopefully it will for you too. post back and tell me how it goes.

  3. dgt

    dgt New Member

    :bad: radiator stopleak does more harm than good.

    king what do you mean by leaking off the block? Maybe your leaking at the seal??
  4. King Nothing

    King Nothing Well-Known Member

    I have a serious leak and its definately coming from the engine, not the radiator. I cant get under there and get a good view of exactly where its leaking from. Its a pretty significant leak though. Ive been having overheating issues for the last few weeks (hasnt been driven) and my radiator was 1.5 gallons low the other day, even though the reservoir is full. I have replaced the thermostat as well as the radiator cap (on my grandfathers suggestion). I drove it 15 miles tonight without overheating, but when i got back I had the major leak (that started as a minor leak a few weeks ago). I think Ill just drop the 40 bucks and replace the water pump and maybe the fan clutch while Im at it and have everything torn apart
  5. ZacD

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    Yeah, there should be a weap (spelling?) hole on the bottom side of the pump. What'll happen, a lot of times, is that the pump won't leak when the engine's running, but as soon as you shut the engine off, the pressure in the cooling system will blow coolant past the seals in the water pump and out the weap hole.

    Had it happen in a couple of my Mustangs, with water pumps with quite a few miles on them. They'd be okay until you shut the car off, and then you'd see coolant start dripping from the front of the engine.
  6. Robert97dodge

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    I would go ahead and pick up a thermostat and bypass hose while you are there. Also get some hose clamps for that bypass hose that way you can take the hose off easier without removeing the bracket above the water pump.
  7. King Nothing

    King Nothing Well-Known Member

    Thermostat was replaced a few weeks ago in hopes that it was the cause of the problem. Does this sound like a water pump to you guys???
  8. Robert97dodge

    Robert97dodge Well-Known Member

    If you just changed the t-stat a few weeks ago then maybe it is leaking? Your best bet would be to warm up the truck and get it to leak and tear into it and see where its coming from .
  9. King Nothing

    King Nothing Well-Known Member

    Well, After tearing it apart twice I finally got it fixed. It was the water pump. I took off the thermostat housing too to reseal it. Put everything together again (BIG mistake) and then filled with coolant. had leaks at the water pump as well as the thermostat housing. Also broke the thermostat housing overtightening it to stop the leak. that was a 15 dollar mistake. All in all it took about 5 hours but should have been 3. DO NOT buy the white sealant at autozone with the water pump on the package. Its called tack n seal or something. IT SUCKS. good old blue RTV worked just fine
  10. Patent Pending

    Patent Pending New Member

    Yep, waterpump kinda blows on these trucks. Especially if yours doesn't have holes in the pulley so you can use the tool to take off the fan. Mine didn't. :x: :wall: I ended up having to keep the fan attached and remove the radiator cowl when I pulled it all off. That turned into about a 4hr job getting the waterpump swapped out. :wall: Should have taken about half that long. :cuss: