Automatic Trans Slip 46RE

Discussion in 'Dodge 4x4' started by Joe99, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Joe99

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    On my 1998 1500 5.9L 4X4 (46RE) Auto Trans. In the morning when in select drive and take off the transmission starts to slip. It does start to move and then shifts fine after the engine warms up a bit. The previous owner said the trans was rebuilt about 10k ago but I was just taking his word for it. I might try changing fluid (ATF +4), filter and adjust bands.
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    RE: Automatic Trans Slip

    you may want to adjust the bands also. especially the front band they come loose sometimes.

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    RE: Automatic Trans Slip

    Sounds like morning sickness. This happens when the seals contract and fluid gets by them. When your truck warms up they expand which is when the slipping stops. But if the trans is only 10k it may be as simple as low fluid which can cause the trans to slip. I dont think it needs a band adjustment but if you go that route get a pro to do it. These trans came with 3 different types of bands and have 3 different specs. To be honest a pro wouldnt know which bands you have either with out opening it up but atleast if something happens you can blame it on him :bigthumb: