93 7.3 leaking fuel at injectors and glow plug

Discussion in 'Diesel Tech' started by v10sport, May 7, 2009.

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    Working on my brothers 93 non turbo 7.3. It is leaking fuel coming from the 3rd injector on the right side. The fuel seems to be leaking up from where the injector goes into the intake and also fuel slowly seeping from the same glow plug. I pulled all 8 injectors and cleaned them, put new o rings and brass washers on all of them including new return lines. Reinstalled, didnt leak at first but is leaking again. The other odd thing is when I pulled 7 of the 8 injectors, they were wet with diesel. The last injector next to the leaking injector was completely dry. Could the last injector be clogged and all the fuel for that injector getting forced to the other injector through the return lines?

    Any input would be great.

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    ask the guys on http://www.thedieselstop.com, someone there will know.