73-87 chevy crossover steering

Discussion in 'Engine/Drivetrain/Suspension' started by does it matter, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. does it matter

    does it matter Well-Known Member

    what kind of pitman do i need?

    would the stock dodge pitman work or does the TRE have to load from the bottom?

    would this one work on the 2wd GM steering box?

  2. Kevin108

    Kevin108 Well-Known Member

    Crossover on these trucks takes a min. 6" suspension lift to clear the springs, just incase...

  3. does it matter

    does it matter Well-Known Member

    ok can anyone help with pitman arm.
  4. Madd Ramm

    Madd Ramm New Member

    What you are trying to find out is if the splines are identical between the types of boxes. Some can be interchanged, others are different. What you need to do is ask the seller the spline count, the keyway position (if there is one) and the diameter. Then see if it matches up to the 2wd box that you will be using.
  5. nvrenuf

    nvrenuf New Member

    I believe the arm you want is Superlift #SUP-1104, it's a Ford 4" drop arm. It should accept Chevy 1 ton TRE's.
  6. 4wDakota

    4wDakota New Member

    You'll need a 2wd steering box (splined) and the steering arm Nverenuf said or one from ORD. You can do crossover with less than 6" of lift you will just have clearance issues with the crossmember for the engine. Missouri offroad makes a repalcement crossmember or you can cut/ grind and rebrace yours so it''s no in the way of the tie rod :bigthumb:
  7. does it matter

    does it matter Well-Known Member

    the lift isnt a problem i have more then enough for crossover.

    i already have a 2wd box, just not sure what pitman arm to use.

    NVRENUF gave a superlift part #, what years are those for?

    i know my stock dodge pitman fits on the 2wd sector shaft, but im just not sure if the TRE has to load from the top or the bottom?

    if it can load from the top, then only thing i have to do is ream the dodge stock out to fit the Chevy TRE.
  8. nvrenuf

    nvrenuf New Member

    The Ford arm loads from the bottom which would also help on correcting the drag link angle. There is a cross over article on Off Road.com that lists it to fit the following applications;

    78-79 Ford F150

    76-79 Bronco

    74-90 Fullsize Wagoneer/Cherokee.

    Check the hole size on your current Dodge arm, it might be small enough to ream out in the opposite direction for the Chevy TRE. Dodge TRE's tend to be small and the Chevy's are big. I know this can be done with a Dodge D60 steering arm (the one on the knuckle).