1997 dodge ram 1500 transmission torque converter drainback

Discussion in 'Dodge 4x4' started by gtnrdid, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. gtnrdid

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    I have a 1997 dodge ram 1500 and i just had the transmission rebuilt and i have been reading forums and they say to remove the one way valve from tranny cooler line and install a remote transmission filter in its place. Ever since i removed valve i have torque converter drainback and i have to let me truck sit for a few minutes before i can get it to move. anybody have any ideas on how to resolve this problem so i don't have any drain back when truck sits overnite?
  2. diesel2650

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    I idle mine in neutral for 2-5 min almsot always and that should be enough to fill the TC, or upgrade the valve body (http://www.transmissioncenter.net/dodge.htm) either way it was to idle up, be it in park or neutral. Oh n I forgot to say if u didnt already know the TC on these trucks run dry in park, no fluid moving, how it is stock from dodge

  3. 97-360Magnum

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    Well is there a way to prevent the drain back? I pop mine into neutral first thing and i give it a couple good revs and then it goes fine. But it has caused my checkengine light to come on and the code says "no torque converter revolutions at lock up"