1996 GMC Jimmy diagnostic plug type????? HELP!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Chevy/GMC 4x4' started by RootBreaker, Jun 24, 2003.

  1. RootBreaker

    RootBreaker Well-Known Member

    I bought my 1996 GMC Jimmy... which does not see off road.. wifes truck ... with 48k miles on it... fully loaded... leather....

    nice truck... 4.3 liter vortec...

    WELL IT IS A PIECE OF {expletive}!!!!!!!!!


    lets see...

    1 battery

    3 alternators

    1 waterpump

    1 radiator ( needs it.. this one is all gunked up )

    now the check engine light keeps on coming on.... then after a while it goes off... runs fine.. no hesitation..... no one can find a problem with it....

    now here is my question....

    what type of diagnostic plug does the vehicle have?

    cant use the ole paperclip trick to get the codes... so i thought i would buy this....


    but i need to know if a 1996 gmc jimmy has. this universal code reader says this... Fits 1996 and new vehicles with generic OBDII connector.

    i gotta check my 1996 camaro and see if it has the same plug.... the camaro on the other hand is runnin like crap when it rains... hessitates.. check engine light comes on.... rpm goes from 800 to 200... alternator meter goes from 14 to 8 and oil guage dips alot.... gas it and she just bucks around..... let the car sit in the rain... and it is like it dries out and runs ok for a little bit.....but like today.. she is just racing away......GRRRRRRRRRR going in the shop today at 5pm... THEY BETTER FIGURE IT OUT!!!!!!
  2. snowball

    snowball New Member

    why dont you go to autozone, they code read obd II vehicles for free

  3. RootBreaker

    RootBreaker Well-Known Member

    alot of companies.. will read the code for free... as long as you let them do the work. If you say.. oh that is it.. i'll do that on my own... they will then say.. ok so there is a $24.99 diagnostic charge....

    the other biggie is my father works for a borough... he can test every vehicle older than 1996. He said there is no cheap code reader out there.. but seems this is out there and i am wondering if it fits the 96 camaro, 96 jimmy, 96 and newer caprice, impala...... cuz then i would buy one for my father too for work....
  4. UPmudrat

    UPmudrat New Member

    wasn't '96 the first year for the OBD-2 system. I believe it is a standard plug. Same for all makes and models after '95. If there is a Murray's auto parts store near you they rent scan tools. Or as menyioned above Auto Zone will scan it for free.

    Good luck!
  5. BigWillieStyle_21

    BigWillieStyle_21 New Member


    wouldnt that be a MASS airflow sensor problem, my buddys had the little coil things break and it ran similar to that and previous to it quitting running at all it ran bad in the rain as well.. just a thought, maybe I am wrong anyone Correct me if i am BIGWILL
  6. snowball

    snowball New Member

    autozone will do it for free, um its a parts store so they dont do work there....

    their snap on shop type code reader is nicer than the 300 dollar shiz you can buy yourself
  7. RootBreaker

    RootBreaker Well-Known Member

    camaro problem turned out to be faulty wires.. that were put on 18k miles ago.... :wall:

    basteads made me pay for labor... PLICKS!!!! $80