1991 Subaru Legacy, AT not shifting right, HELP!

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    Ok, we've got two 1991 Subaru Legacy's in the shop, all wheel drive, exactly the same, one the transmission (4EAT Automatic) was out and wouldn't move the car at all, in the other one the rear end was making noise and the transmission shifted fine and all. So the customer asks us to swap the transmissions and make the one car run right. We swapped in the transmission, connected all the wiring harnesses, everything's bolted up right, didn't take the old tranny apart at all, just bolted it right in. Now we've got a problem, it has no shift function when in drive and normal/power mode, it just stays in first, if you put it in manual mode you can shift from first to second, but it won't hit third or overdrive. The transmission shifted fine in the donor car so we figured it had to be electronic. We went through and swapped, the transmission control module, inhibitor switch, and finally the ecm for giggles from the donor car, to no avail. We are getting a code from the car though, the power light will flash 16 times after running over 25mph, shutting it off, and starting it again. According to alldata this code is for the shift solenoid 1, but this doesn't make sense since the transmission worked fine in the other car. Anyway, we're running out of ideas, anyone mess with subaru's much or maybe know what the hell's going on? Thanks.