Double Cardan Rebuild

Double Cardan Rebuild

(Check manual for types, amounts and applicability)
  Needle Bearing for Ball&Socket (Precision #617 for 96 Ram 1500 4x4)
2 - Ujoints for CV
1 - Ujoint for axle end (recommended while driveshaft is out)

By Marks75w100

You need to get everything back together same as it was before tearing it apart. So mark the D-shaft, "H" peice, and the Yoke flange, and T-case mounting point before removal.

This is the other end showing my mark.

Use 3/4" and 1-1/8" sockets to seperate the "H" from the u-joint. (comment: If you use a vise, you need a 6" one or larger. My 5" vise didn't open far enough)

Remove one bearing cap and seperate the "H" and Yoke assembly from the d-shaft u-joint.

Put the "H" and yoke flange assembly in vise and seperate them using the sockets. If you need to replace u-joints nows the time to do it.

If your new u-joints have zerks, they should point like this when installed.

Place yoke flange in vise and spray with lube. Use a pry bar to get the ball out.

Ball is free.

Pry the socket out. I also found that using a chisel to weaken it helped get it out.

Socket is out.

Clean the area where the ball and socket go.

Fit new bearing into hole.

Use a socket to seat the new bearing and tap it down with a hammer.

Springs. Old broken one on the left, new one on the right. They go in the small hole in the end of the d-shaft. I added extra grease to the spring area and the ball and socket.

Back together. I found it easier to install the "H" onto the d-shaft end u-joint without the Yoke flange attached to the "H". Then install the yoke flange onto the "H" and you're good to go. It does take patience when fitting the yoke flange onto the "H" since you are trying to get the ball and spring and u-joint all to fit together at the same time. Just hold your mouth right and call it a few names and it'll go together. I hope this helps and happy wrenching.