Fan Clutch Replacement

Fan Clutch Replacement

(Check manual for types, amounts and applicability)
Fan Wrench or 16" adjustable wrench
16" adjustable pliers (or other means to hold water pump pulley)
10mm and 1/2" sockets
New fan clutch 1 Hour

By JasonB

I had to replace the fan clutch on my motor becuase of temperature spikes and wobbling fan blades. Just be sure the clutch is what is wobbling and not the water pump shaft.

To start, disconnect the negative battery terminal and be sure the engine is cool. Be sure to leave the new fan clutch face down (nut up) so that the silicon fluid inside does not leak out.

You need a 36mm fan wrench/open end or large adjustable wrench to remove the fan clutch from the wanter pump shaft.

Although I unbolted the fan shroud at this time, it will be easier to perform the clutch removal first, then unbolt the shroud in order to move it around to pull the fan completely out. With the shroud still in place, it will not move around and get in the way while trying to loosen the fan clutch nut. The fan shroud will NOT come out completely unless you remove the fan assembly and the the upper radiator hose. If/when you do unbolt the shroud, you need to disconnect the washer fluid bottle and coolant overflow reservoir and move them out of the way.

I had trouble loosening the clutch nut. I bent two screwdrivers when trying to jamb them between the water pump pulley bolts, I broke a brand new strap wrench trying to hold the pulley as well. I ended up buying a 16" adjustable pliers to grab ahold of 3 of the 4 pulley bolts. Each jaw on a bolt and the middle bolt of the three is on the "adjuster" section of the pliers. To hold the pliers tight, I used a large pair of vise grips to keep the plier handles tight.

Once the pulley bolts are secured, I used a 16" adjustable wrench and a 3lb sledge to knock the nut loose.

Once the clutch assembly is loose (with fan blades attached, unbolt the shroud if not already done and rotate it to make room to get the clutch and fan out. It will take some maneuvering but it will come out. Watch the end of the baldes so that you do not damage the radiator fins or any hoses.

Here is the water pump shaft with the clutch removed.

Remove 4 bolts from fan blades and swap assembly onto the new clutch. Might as well clean the blades up real nice and inspect for bent or damaged blades.

Reassembly is the reverse of removal. Attach clutch, shroud, belt and test drive.