Full Version: Winch Ready Bumper Review... :(
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I tossed this same thread on Cummins Forum and Pirate4x4, figured as i was a member on here it would not hurt to inform others..

I purchased a bumper from them Aug 17th, and just got the bumper on my truck this past saturday.

The bumper shell itself is nice, the only drawback was that it was fairly rusty upon arrival and required a fair bit of grinding and polishing before topcoat.

I had to pay extra money to get them to "fab custom" brackets because i had a bodylift. When i got the bumper in september i went to bolt the bumper on to find that it had a 4.5" of gap between the headlights and bumper at max adjustment. So for my "custom brackets" they screwed up and they wouldnt even work on a stock non bodylift truck.

I had hoped to get a quick turn around on the new brackets as i was a paying customer who had already paid but that turned out to be a joke. One excuse led to another, emails were not returned nor were phone calls. I had to end up blocking my phone number to get ahold of someone. When i did it was the same song and dance, i got fed up and called Mastercard and filed a dispute but kept it open. Once i informed Winch Ready of that, they worked a hell of alot faster. So as i said my initial call to inform them that the brackets were NFG was on Sept 12th, i did not get my new brackets until Oct 9th. Talk about customer service! I had to remove my factory bumper several times to take photos and measurements for them so they could try to make new brackets, isint that the companies job not mine? I remember why i bought a bumper, because i did not have time to build one.

So i get the new brackets in, and guess what... they do not even BOLT TO THE BUMPER!!!! WTF!!!!!!!! The brackets hit the skid pan portion of the bumper so they are yet again useless.

Called winch ready, they didnt have much to say other than they would look into it. Took them until Oct 12th to tell me i will have to "make the brackets work"

What if i did not have a welder, torches, plasma and steel? I had been NOTHING but nice to them over this whole ordeal, and have a collection of 50 emails proving such.

I had wanted some reimbursement of some kind for;

#1 paying extra for brackets that never came, and ultimately having to make my own
#2 My hassle, cooperation, measurements, photos, and my steel, fab time, welders and torches do not run on hopes and dreams.

Well that was also a joke, its been a week without any successful means of contacting the company. I guess ill just finish this dispute with mastercard. Luckily i have emails and photo's to document everything. Pretty bad when in an email a company tells you to alter their brackets to make them work...

Sorry for my vent, just thought i would share my 2 cents in case anyone was thinking of ordering through them....

They look identical to road armor bumpers, so i will not post a photo of my truck as i do not want to advertise for a company who has just screwed me around for 3 months.

In the event they go good for any of this, i will be sure to reply to this and update it if anything good comes of it.
Sorry to hear that man! Might want to take some pictures of the brackets and gaps in bumper so we can try and help you figure something out. I'm not familiar with Winch Ready, but if the design is similar to the RA and RR bumpers, then you cannot move the bumper up with just new mounts as it will hit the forward radiator support body mounts.

Here's a pic from DJ's review on Road Rhino. You can see how it would hit the body mount if it were moved any higher.

[Image: roadrhino19.jpg]

The way Road Armor used to make their body lift bumpers was to make the center plate taller, the mounts were always the same.
i ended up getting the bumper mounted. I notched the bracket and plated it in, put in some gussets along the repair area. I ended up putting secondary mounts above the ones they sent, as it never would have stayed still during winching. I'll post pics sometime this week if anyone is interested.
I got a phone call from Winch Ready today, Smile I will let you guys know what happens with all this Smile
well we are trying to work something out with reimbursement, so we will see where this goes. Here's the bumper on the truck, i will try to take a picture of it being used the proper way shortly.
[Image: IMGP0073.jpg]
as promised i would supply an update. Im finally finished with waiting for the lights from Winch Ready. They sent out the last set they owed me finally last week, and i picked them up on the weekend. Glad to finally have this all in the clear, but better late than never i guess? Oct 2010, until April 2012.
Wow, surprised you got your stuff. Did they attempt to make it right with a discount/refund at all? Would you recommend them at all to anyone you don't despise?
The compensation was the lights, rather than them refund me cash i had figured it was easier for them to give me merchandise as it has more value to me than actual value to them due to their cost vs my purchase price of the similar item.

I do recommend their products, they make really nice stuff. The only thing i would be leery of is if they had to make custom brackets, or adjustments. Just to the fact of the timeline, or if a mistake is made it can be a time consming process for the customer. But if you order a bumper, and they have it in stock... there shouldnt be any issues i would think.
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